Can I withdraw an entry from a contest?




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    I really wanted to enter tomorrow December 14th not today. Please enter me for tomorrow. Thank you, Nelson

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    Norberto Medina

    Hey Nelson,


    I believe we have taken care of this for you by now. 


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    Andy Winn

    How do I withdraw an entry? Didn’t mean to enter today

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    Rick Miller

    I have the same question as Andy.  How can I withdraw?  Unless I did something wrong, it seems like if you click on a contest just to check payouts or something like that, it automatically signs you up for that day.

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    Robert Campbelloff

    While I purchased entrance to into a contest today, 3/13/2018, I don't bowl until Friday 3/16/2018, how can I get the "contest" bowling date (which was never requested of me) adjusted to MY bowling date?

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